Actual Huckleberries

As I mentioned in my previous post, I call huckleberries any small, wild blueberries.  Well, I decided to find out which ones actually are huckleberries.

In the large patch near me there are at least 3 different types of berries.  Two of them look like normal blueberries but grow on low bushes or high bushes.  Strangely enough these are called High Bush and Low Bush Blueberries. The 3rd one is a very high bush.  The berries are darker.  Almost black.  And shiny.  Blueberries have a dull coating on them.  And these berries don’t have as much of a “crown” on them, as I call it, like blueberries do.

Black Huckleberries

Black Huckleberries

These are Black Huckleberries.  They taste different, but good.  The seeds are harder.  They have what I consider an almost cherry taste.

Black Huckleberries at bottom left, and blueberries at top right

Blueberries (Low Bush)

In my several acre patch of berries, the Black Huckleberries appear to be the most abundant.  Maybe because they grow above the rest.  The blueberries are often hidden under the huckleberries.  Also the blueberries seem to ripen sooner than the huckleberries.  Although some berries from all are ripe at the same time.  At this writing many blueberries are almost done while most of the huckleberries are just ripening.

But that varies a lot with amount of sunlight.



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