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The Southern Window

I originally bought 4 windows 2 years ago for the cabin.  I installed the largest in the front, 2 medium size ones on the north side. But I could never decide where to install the smallest one. I finally decide … Continue reading

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Change of Address

I officially changed my address with all companies I do business with.  And I forwarded my mail from Titusville to the Pithole Homestead.  I plan only on returning to the house once every few weeks to check on things and … Continue reading

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Chicken of the Wood

On mine and Lily’s morning walk today I found a nice surprise. Chicken of the Wood mushrooms, or Sulphur Shelf. (Laetiporus sulphureus) I didnt have my knife but these were tender so I broke off a handful. Quite a plate … Continue reading

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Food:  Yellow squash and ramen, can ravioli, 2 pieces of wheat bread, 2 mountain dew, jug aof apple powder drink, peanut butter Finish the picnic table, except for the rotten board. Went to house, washed clothes, walmart supplies. Mounted package … Continue reading

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Possum Day

Possum Day Back in the 70s an 18 year old girl, pen named Dolly Freed, wrote a book about her adventures growing up with her divorced dad outside Philadelphia, in what would be today called a mini homestead. The book … Continue reading

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