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Window Dressing

Today I did a little dressing up of the inside window frames on the cabin. This is what they looked like unfinished. Although they were framed and didn’t leak they weren’t very pretty. So I made use of the 1 … Continue reading

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Not exactly kiln dried

Yesterday I had a bunch of 1 x 4s stacked to build windows frames today. Then it rained.  All night.  So I came up with this rack to dry them quick since there only seems to be one dry, sunny … Continue reading

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Breakfast on the homestead

When I am staying at the house in Titusville, I tend to eat ready made food. But cheese sausage and eggs freshly cooked and enjoyed on the porch are much better.

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The Two Bears

  Two curious bruins were exploring the homestead this morning. One looked in the the window and said “somebody has been sleeping in my bed”. After reviewing the video I believe what I thought were two yearling cubs was really … Continue reading

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The Cabin’s Evolution – nearly a years journey

The Basic Shed The interior also evolved. The composting outhouse is also developing. Not really a composting outhouse.  This basically an outhouse with a removable holding tank.  The outhouse is designed to moved forward on skids after the back panel … Continue reading

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