The Collapse

Tomorrow I need to go shopping. I just have to find a store that doesn’t force me to pretend a bandana can block a microscopic virus.

That’s right.

I will not role play apocalypse for the the governor. The stores forcing it should just put a big picture of the governors butt and require everyone to kiss it as they enter.

I really miss my dad, but I am thankful that he didn’t have to live to see how disgusting and pathetic the country and the state he loved so much have become.

It is embarrassing that there is only ONE person in the government who is trying to save the country and he is attacked daily by the press, the Democrats and his own party. Thankfully he has the grit to take it because he is not a politician. He is an American. But I am not sure he can do it alone.

Anyway, any store that is playing the crooked government games of , now you need a mask, now you don’t, will not get my business, even when the charade is over. If people want to wear a mask, more power to them. Let them do their thing and I’ll do mine, as Neil said. At least Walmart doesn’t force it. (Walmart is no longer a shopping stop for me) As I walked by the greeter recommending a mask last week I said “It’s okay. I’m just here to loot”. What a sad joke we have become.

Still Here

If any one noticed the site was down for a while. I changed servers and just didn’t hurry. I may switch again soon just for some improved abilities.

I have been fairly active. Gone on backpacking trips and working around the homestead. But I didn’t feel like recording it. Just enjoying the time. I’ll start posting a bit more now.