September 21, 2020

I took the weekend off. Friday I mowed my mother’s lawn. Saturday I just worked around the cabin, did some target practice, and explored the changing forest. Sunday I went to have lunch picked up from the Oakland twp fire hall with my mother.

Today was just for straightening up a little. Clean off the deck and porch. Refill the water jugs. Just basically enjoying the homestead.

September 17, 2020

I finished mounting the ceiling panels. I still have some trim and the access panel to do. I have placed some temporary panels over the place I will put a hinged access door.

But at least it is sealed well enough to keep the heat down low. Along with the insulated curtains it won’t take much of a fire in the little wood stove to keep it warm.

September 16, 2020

After balancing precariously on a ladder to extend a king pin for the cabins roof I slipped and twisted my shoulder. I don’ t think I’ll be finishing the ceiling today. Hey! It’s as good an excuse as any.

Any way later on I was sitting on the deck when I heard a hawk screech. It struck me how I have seen hawks and eagles flying many times but never heard them screech while I was looking at them. Then I thought of tv and movies. Every single time a hawk or eagle flies within the camera frame it screeches. I wonder why that is.

September 15, 2020

Decided today would be for working on the cabin ceiling. Since I started it before last winter I figured I better get it done before this winter. The cabin will stay warm much better with the ceiling lowered.

I started by cutting the bracing 2 x 4s to length with a 45 degree angle. It was then just a matter of wrestling the panels into place and screwing them in place. Then bracing the panels with the precut 2 x 4s. I got about half the ceiling done when the mail came.

I got my enhanced spring for my AR-15 in the mail. So I installed it and spent the rest of the day sighting it and my other guns in.

I’ll finish the ceiling tomorrow.

I hope.

September 14, 2020

A beautiful, although chilly, day. I went to Home Depot and picked up the supplies I ordered yesterday. Then I stopped and had lunch with my mother.

The temperature was 51 this morning and topped out at 64. I can feel Autumn coming on.

September 13, 2020

This morning I woke thinking the sun had not yet risen. It was dark but with the glow of dawn. I checked the time. 7:30. The sun had been up for a while but the dark clouds made it look like twilight. In a few minutes the sky let loose. It then rained steady for 4 hours.

Around noon I decided to drive to the house in Titusville. I needed to measure the bathroom for remodeling and set off bug bombs to clear the areas I need to be crawling next week while working there.

I picked up the mail and left the trash.

Came back through Miller Farm in Oil Creek State Park. I let Lily run around the hiking trail. Many massive trees had recently blown over. It must have been the huge wind storm we had several weeks ago. None of the trees had broken. They all pulled up by the roots.

Back at the cabin I opened all the windows and set a fan going. I had also set off a bug bomb there before leaving. While the cabin aired out I took Lily for a walk.

I finished ordering what I need to remodel the house bathroom from Home Depot. I’ll pick it up curbside tomorrow.

My daughter is returning at the end of October to avoid the violence in Chicago the democrats are sure to step up after the election. Regardless of the results. The democrat party has supported this monster they let out, and the media has done a great job of covering it up and lying about it. They are about to find out there’s no putting the monster back in the cage.


From here on out I will be keeping this website as a daily journal instead of random posts about things on my mind. In fact there are many posts that I have made and decided to keep private so only I can see them. Remember. I’m a hermit. But from here on I will write dsily on every occurance of that day, as far as I can remember. This means some days will sound much like others, but it will get me in the habit of writing. I’m pretty much the only one reading anyway. I talk to myself, and my dog answers, so why not write to myself.

Thought For The Day

Today I stole this thought from the website my daughter works for.

“Why choose between liberty and security when you can give up both?”

By the way, check out the show on YouTube. Until they are kicked off.

It’s a former SJW who now realizes it is a cult and a SF bay area anarcho-capitalist tech nerd who talk about events of the day. My daughter edits and moderates and sometimes co-hosts.

Warning: Not for the TDS infected. No mask required. There will be cake.

Hallelujah – A bit of freedom

I saw someone working outside a little country store near the cabin. I stopped and asked the man if they required masks in their store.

He replied (I paraphrase again), “We have to have a sign but we cater to independent thinkers. There are plenty of stores for the sheep who just do as they’re told”.

My first thought was to jump in the air and maybe dance a little jig.

My second thought was this fellow didn’t look like a cowboy philosopher, but I’m sure glad he was.

So now I have a store with a little of everything I need. After this foolishness passes it will still be my main store.

And the Trump sign outside should keep the Karens out.

For the Karens…

I will NOT go to stores or restaurants that force me to put a useless cloth on my face. I refuse to play dress up for the governor. The bright side is there are stores and restaurants that recognize peoples constitutional rights and do not force us to comply.

Unfortunately, there are “Karens” out there who aren’t happy just protecting themselves from the evil spirits floating around. They have to attack others who choose to be free and not comply and not regurgitate what their news channel and governor dictates. (as in dictator)

Because I don’t want to have to confront these busy-bodies I am now unable to go anywhere!!! And I am not happy about it. I hate being bullied.

If you believe the cloth on your face protects you, wear it! Why do you need to force it on others? Everyone who is terrified by the ridiculous charade is free to wear a mask and feel like they are protected.

My message to all the nosy “Karens” who “want to speak to the manager” out there is paraphrased from Jonathan Edwards.



Lincoln quote

I heard some people got upset because the man who heads the PA health department and likes to dress like a woman and pretend he is a woman, was called a man. I immediately thought of this Abe Lincoln quote.

“How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” Abraham Lincoln

Oh, for the days when common sense was common.

The dude is free to try to look like a lady (although he isn’t succeeding) and play whatever make believe he wants. Doesn’t mean everyone else has to play along.

If he wants to dress up like Napoleon that’s okay. Don’t expect us to help him build an army and take over Europe.

Cheese Bread

So I had a few eggs I needed to use up. They are fresh from the chicken eggs so they can keep for a week or so unrefrigerated. But I don’t like to push it. Yesterday I made Rivel Soup. So today I decided on some cheesy fried bread. I mixed flour, cheddar cheese powder, eggs and just enough water to make the consistency right. Then I fried it with a foil covering. It turned out very good. Kind of a cheesy bisquit flavor with the texture of smooth cornbread.

Cheesy Fried Bread

Oswego Tea

I found a new edible and medicinal plant growing on my land.

Oswego Tea

Oswego Tea. (Monarda fistulosa) Also known as Bee Balm. As it’s name implies it is often made in to tea. It is drank for thirst or to treat a variety of ailments. It has antiseptic properties that helps gingivitis and sore throat. It also treats respiratory conditions and digestive problems, including gas and bloating. It contains Thymol which is used in many modern mouthwashes. It can also be used as an antiseptic poultice for wounds, and treating headaches and fevers.

I have made tea from it, and although somewhat bitter it is aromatic, being a member of the mint family. I can’t speak to the efficacy of it’s medicinal properties but it is worth a try in a pinch. It is found all over eastern forests and clearings.

The Collapse

Tomorrow I need to go shopping. I just have to find a store that doesn’t force me to pretend a bandana can block a microscopic virus.

That’s right.

I will not role play apocalypse for the the governor. The stores forcing it should just put a big picture of the governors butt and require everyone to kiss it as they enter.

I really miss my dad, but I am thankful that he didn’t have to live to see how disgusting and pathetic the country and the state he loved so much have become.

It is embarrassing that there is only ONE person in the government who is trying to save the country and he is attacked daily by the press, the Democrats and his own party. Thankfully he has the grit to take it because he is not a politician. He is an American. But I am not sure he can do it alone.

Anyway, any store that is playing the crooked government games of , now you need a mask, now you don’t, will not get my business, even when the charade is over. If people want to wear a mask, more power to them. Let them do their thing and I’ll do mine, as Neil said. At least Walmart doesn’t force it. (Walmart is no longer a shopping stop for me) As I walked by the greeter recommending a mask last week I said “It’s okay. I’m just here to loot”. What a sad joke we have become.

Still Here

If any one noticed the site was down for a while. I changed servers and just didn’t hurry. I may switch again soon just for some improved abilities.

I have been fairly active. Gone on backpacking trips and working around the homestead. But I didn’t feel like recording it. Just enjoying the time. I’ll start posting a bit more now.

No one in sight

Here’s what I like about my cabin. Even on the road in front of the cabin I can turned all the way around and not see a single person.

You may have noticed the signs on the trees. On the one side is this.

Just informing that the owner, the Seanor Timber Company is kind enough to keep their land open to the public.

On the other side is this.

Not really a problem. A little secret. Most people who post PA Landowners Association signs will give you permission if you ask. Notice the line “DUE TO GOVERNMENT OVER-REGULATION OF LAND USE”. If you give the government an inch they take a mile. If you leave your land open to public use the government takes that to mean they get to control the land use. Farmer have lost the use of their farms by the government taking control. The government thinks it controls the public when it is supposed to be the other way around.

Also this land has another membership sign.

Most of the land around here is either owned or leased by timber companies. Pennsylvania hardwoods are famous.

Happy Beltane

It’s May first. The Gaelic pagan holiday of Beltane. Half way between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

And right on queue.

Today I saw the first mayapples pop up out of the ground. Of course these are just the mayapples plants. The actual “apples” aren’t ready until later in the summer. And, while edible, that aren’t really very good and take too much processing to make them palatable. Kind of tastes like bad lemons.

Also many fern fiddleheads are ready. Some types are good to eat. Most are not good, but not poisonous.

The 2020 Panicdemic

Well I am here sheltering in place at the cabin by order of Herr Governor. What an idiot.

It doesn’t make much difference to me since I am sheltered here at the cabin all the time. And don’t tell Herr Governor but I am usually miles from home wandering the woods. The horror! I have plenty of food and toilet paper so I am not taking part in the panic.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to show a little how prepared I am.

Of course I have plenty of the basics like flour, cereal, powdered milk, granola, tea, bullion powder, and many assorted canned goods.

But I also have supplies mainly used for backpacking.

Like powder butter, powdered cheese and 10 lbs of oatmeal.

These are just a few of the Knorr rice and pasta sides and tuna packets I have. They are good for backpacking or just eating.

And of course lots of garlic mustard beside the cabin. And cattails and day lilies are ready.

The sad thing is people are going to realize there are always viruses around that are possibly deadly. Especially for people with compromised immune systems. This ridiculous panic is only going to serve to make a lot of people fearful of living. For far too many people this horror brought on by the crooked media will have no end.

And the whole purpose of stirring up this pandemonium is to try and keep the president from being reelected. That’s it. Even the people advising him have ulterior motives. He should never trust lifelong government employees or politicians. He’s already on to the media’s games. All we can do is hope the people aren’t stupid enough to fall for the media lies.

Living On The Land