A Bit More freedom

After going to my old gun store and finding out they required that I put cloth on my face (a big disgrace) I went to Wagner Gun Tech.


It had many people walking around smiling and happy with no masks. Talking to each other directly. Meeting new people without fear. It was like the end of Logans Run when the dome city is destroyed and all the people wander out free.

Actually FREE.

Yes the tyranny of the governor still exists, and many sad people are following the idiotic mask mandate like sheep to slaughter. And it is doing much more harm than the virus. Young kids are growing up thinking hiding behind a mask is normal. Older kids and adults are depressed and suicidal. The damage being done, solely for political purposes, is horrendous. The Democrats are willing to destroy the economy, peoples lives, childrens future, and the entire country, to get power.

I have always noticed how miserable leftists are and can understand why such miserable people willingly turn all thinking and decisions over to the government and the media. The leftists do the same thing needing a union rep to speak for them because they are too pathetic to speak for themselves. Most of them don’t even know how pathetic they are. They live in their bubble where their press hides the truth from them. What a shame. Just a little questioning on their part and they could break free. Just open their eyes and minds a little. But they have given up their minds to let others think for them.

But in that one store I saw people enjoying life. Knowing that everything in life has risks and you can’t live in a plastic bubble. Smile, enjoy life, enjoy liberty.

Five times I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. That oath had no expiration date. It disgusts me to see governors, supported by crooked bureaucrats, teachers, celebrities and the press, trampling on it’s most basic premises. Unless you are in the crooked politicians chosen groups who are allowed to burn, riot and destroy. Which also violates the Constitutions equal protection under the law. The fact that people willingly give up their liberties so easily is a bad omen for the future of a country based on liberty. But of course destroying that type of country for a totalitarian socialist one is the Democrats whole plan. (Or Democratic Socialists, a name they pretend is somehow better. They are completely unaware that nearly all communist/socialist countries attach democratic to their name. Communist East Germany – Deutchland Democratic Republic, North Korea – Peoples Democratic Republic of NK, Communist Congo – Democratic Republic of Congo, and so on. They all have elections. But you can only vote for who the government tells you to. They don’t know much about history. Or the current world.)

We’ve taken care of everything
The words you read, the songs you sing
The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
It’s one for all and all for one
We work together, common sons
Never need to wonder how or why

Rush 2112


My daughter asked “How many guns do you need?”

She is not a hunter.

My answer?

For self-defense you can get by with two. A handgun that is good for concealed carry. And a defense rifle for SHTF.

For hunting and self-defense it depends on what you hunt. For deer you need a high powered rifle. For small game like squirrels and groundhogs a .22 rifle is good. For birds and rabbits a shotgun.

I had to leave my old Mossberg pump shotgun in storage in California when a judge recommended I leave the state that day. (I don’t want to talk about it) My daughter and I left with just what we could carry on the plane. I even left a car in the Oakland airport parking lot.

So now 21 years later I finally got a new used pump shotgun.

It’s a 12 gauge Remington 870 Wingmaster. I don’t know the year but it is in good condition. And a real wood stock. Carrying a plastic shotgun in a field just wouldn’t feel right.

Thought For The Day

Today I stole this thought from the website my daughter works for.


“Why choose between liberty and security when you can give up both?”

By the way, check out the show on YouTube. Until they are kicked off.


It’s a former SJW who now realizes it is a cult and a SF bay area anarcho-capitalist tech nerd who talk about events of the day. My daughter edits and moderates and sometimes co-hosts.

Warning: Not for the TDS infected. No mask required. There will be cake.

Hallelujah – A bit of freedom

I saw someone working outside a little country store near the cabin. I stopped and asked the man if they required masks in their store.

He replied (I paraphrase again), “We have to have a sign but we cater to independent thinkers. There are plenty of stores for the sheep who just do as they’re told”.

My first thought was to jump in the air and maybe dance a little jig.

My second thought was this fellow didn’t look like a cowboy philosopher, but I’m sure glad he was.

So now I have a store with a little of everything I need. After this foolishness passes it will still be my main store.

And the Trump sign outside should keep the Karens out.

For the Karens…

I will NOT go to stores or restaurants that force me to put a useless cloth on my face. I refuse to play dress up for the governor. The bright side is there are stores and restaurants that recognize peoples constitutional rights and do not force us to comply.

Unfortunately, there are “Karens” out there who aren’t happy just protecting themselves from the evil spirits floating around. They have to attack others who choose to be free and not comply and not regurgitate what their news channel and governor dictates. (as in dictator)

Because I don’t want to have to confront these busy-bodies I am now unable to go anywhere!!! And I am not happy about it. I hate being bullied.

If you believe the cloth on your face protects you, wear it! Why do you need to force it on others? Everyone who is terrified by the ridiculous charade is free to wear a mask and feel like they are protected.

My message to all the nosy “Karens” who “want to speak to the manager” out there is paraphrased from Jonathan Edwards.



Lincoln quote

I heard some people got upset because the man who heads the PA health department and likes to dress like a woman and pretend he is a woman, was called a man. I immediately thought of this Abe Lincoln quote.

“How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” Abraham Lincoln

Oh, for the days when common sense was common.

The dude is free to try to look like a lady (although he isn’t succeeding) and play whatever make believe he wants. Doesn’t mean everyone else has to play along.

If he wants to dress up like Napoleon that’s okay. Don’t expect us to help him build an army and take over Europe.

Cheese Bread

So I had a few eggs I needed to use up. They are fresh from the chicken eggs so they can keep for a week or so unrefrigerated. But I don’t like to push it. Yesterday I made Rivel Soup. So today I decided on some cheesy fried bread. I mixed flour, cheddar cheese powder, eggs and just enough water to make the consistency right. Then I fried it with a foil covering. It turned out very good. Kind of a cheesy bisquit flavor with the texture of smooth cornbread.

Cheesy Fried Bread

Oswego Tea

I found a new edible and medicinal plant growing on my land.

Oswego Tea

Oswego Tea. (Monarda fistulosa) Also known as Bee Balm. As it’s name implies it is often made in to tea. It is drank for thirst or to treat a variety of ailments. It has antiseptic properties that helps gingivitis and sore throat. It also treats respiratory conditions and digestive problems, including gas and bloating. It contains Thymol which is used in many modern mouthwashes. It can also be used as an antiseptic poultice for wounds, and treating headaches and fevers.

I have made tea from it, and although somewhat bitter it is aromatic, being a member of the mint family. I can’t speak to the efficacy of it’s medicinal properties but it is worth a try in a pinch. It is found all over eastern forests and clearings.

The Collapse

Tomorrow I need to go shopping. I just have to find a store that doesn’t force me to pretend a bandana can block a microscopic virus.

That’s right.

I will not role play apocalypse for the the governor. The stores forcing it should just put a big picture of the governors butt and require everyone to kiss it as they enter.

I really miss my dad, but I am thankful that he didn’t have to live to see how disgusting and pathetic the country and the state he loved so much have become.

It is embarrassing that there is only ONE person in the government who is trying to save the country and he is attacked daily by the press, the Democrats and his own party. Thankfully he has the grit to take it because he is not a politician. He is an American. But I am not sure he can do it alone.

Anyway, any store that is playing the crooked government games of , now you need a mask, now you don’t, will not get my business, even when the charade is over. If people want to wear a mask, more power to them. Let them do their thing and I’ll do mine, as Neil said. At least Walmart doesn’t force it. (Walmart is no longer a shopping stop for me) As I walked by the greeter recommending a mask last week I said “It’s okay. I’m just here to loot”. What a sad joke we have become.

Still Here

If any one noticed the site was down for a while. I changed servers and just didn’t hurry. I may switch again soon just for some improved abilities.

I have been fairly active. Gone on backpacking trips and working around the homestead. But I didn’t feel like recording it. Just enjoying the time. I’ll start posting a bit more now.

No one in sight

Here’s what I like about my cabin. Even on the road in front of the cabin I can turned all the way around and not see a single person.

You may have noticed the signs on the trees. On the one side is this.

Just informing that the owner, the Seanor Timber Company is kind enough to keep their land open to the public.

On the other side is this.

Not really a problem. A little secret. Most people who post PA Landowners Association signs will give you permission if you ask. Notice the line “DUE TO GOVERNMENT OVER-REGULATION OF LAND USE”. If you give the government an inch they take a mile. If you leave your land open to public use the government takes that to mean they get to control the land use. Farmer have lost the use of their farms by the government taking control. The government thinks it controls the public when it is supposed to be the other way around.

Also this land has another membership sign.

Most of the land around here is either owned or leased by timber companies. Pennsylvania hardwoods are famous.

Happy Beltane

It’s May first. The Gaelic pagan holiday of Beltane. Half way between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

And right on queue.

Today I saw the first mayapples pop up out of the ground. Of course these are just the mayapples plants. The actual “apples” aren’t ready until later in the summer. And, while edible, that aren’t really very good and take too much processing to make them palatable. Kind of tastes like bad lemons.

Also many fern fiddleheads are ready. Some types are good to eat. Most are not good, but not poisonous.

The 2020 Panicdemic

Well I am here sheltering in place at the cabin by order of Herr Governor. What an idiot.

It doesn’t make much difference to me since I am sheltered here at the cabin all the time. And don’t tell Herr Governor but I am usually miles from home wandering the woods. The horror! I have plenty of food and toilet paper so I am not taking part in the panic.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to show a little how prepared I am.

Of course I have plenty of the basics like flour, cereal, powdered milk, granola, tea, bullion powder, and many assorted canned goods.

But I also have supplies mainly used for backpacking.

Like powder butter, powdered cheese and 10 lbs of oatmeal.

These are just a few of the Knorr rice and pasta sides and tuna packets I have. They are good for backpacking or just eating.

And of course lots of garlic mustard beside the cabin. And cattails and day lilies are ready.

The sad thing is people are going to realize there are always viruses around that are possibly deadly. Especially for people with compromised immune systems. This ridiculous panic is only going to serve to make a lot of people fearful of living. For far too many people this horror brought on by the crooked media will have no end.

And the whole purpose of stirring up this pandemonium is to try and keep the president from being reelected. That’s it. Even the people advising him have ulterior motives. He should never trust lifelong government employees or politicians. He’s already on to the media’s games. All we can do is hope the people aren’t stupid enough to fall for the media lies.

Strange sounds from deep in the earth

As I was walking through the woods behind the cabin yesterday, I heard a strange gurgling or bubbling sound. At first I thought it was my tinnitus. But then it got louder and I noticed it was coming from an old oil well casing. So today I recorded it.

Now nearby Pithole Creek supposedly got its name for deep natural holes beside it. There are tales of people sitting next to the holes and either passing out or dying from breathing the natural gas coming out. I figure it is either natural gas bubbling up through water that has filled the well casing or possibly an underground spring bubbling by the well. The gas seems most likely. Since natural gas has no color or smell the only way for me to know for sure is to hold a match to it. I’m not ready to do that. It may keep burning.

Oh, my daughter says it might be g-g-ghosts.

Off The Trail

“I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Excerpt from The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

I am starting this post with the often quoted lines of Robert Frost.
These lines came to mind while I was planning my backpacking trip from my previous post.
As I researched the areas and trails that I wish to explore I came to realize that hiking the trails was not what I wished to do. I wished to explore the forest.
While this may sound like the same thing there are many glaring differences.
The first difference arose when I found out how my travelling companion is viewed. As I wrote, this is to be a journey of me and my dog, Lily. Lily is not an add on to the trip. She is part of the trip.
However I have discovered that trail hiking has a phrase called “dog friendly”. This means these prepared paths through the forest may, or may not allow dogs. And most of the ones that do allow dogs require the dogs be leashed.
I do not mind putting a leash on Lily when there are other people around who might be bothered or dangerous situations she might get into, such as highways. But when I am truly in the forest Lily is not an animal added on to me to be tethered by a strap. She is my companion. In this she should be free to enjoy the forest in her way as much as I am. For her, this includes being unleashed to explore the smells and sights beyond the length of a leash.
As I contemplated this situation something else occurred to me. And it had to do with the road “less traveled by”. I realized I didn’t want to take the road less traveled by. I don’t want to take “the road” at all. I have taken roads, paths and trails all my life. I want to wander the forest. Not just the parts that someone else has decided should be traveled by.
So my journey will not be by the North Country Trail or any trail except that which my feet make.
While I may start on a trail leading from the place I will be required to park my car I will soon depart the trail and travel the forest.
I believe this shall make “all the difference”.

Just me, my dog and a backpack

It’s been a while. I haven’t felt like posting. You might say I just settled in for a long winter’s nap. Day to day in the winter is pretty routine at the cabin. And my daughter came home to visit for a week so I stayed back at the house.

But now it’s time to start making plans and preparations. The plan is for an extended hiking trip in the Allegheny National Forest. Right now I am planning to make it an in-depth redoing of my 30 Days Living Off the Land I first did in 2010. The draft of it can be found here in Word format exclusively for my Pithole.com visitors. This document is exactly the same as the original blog. I am working on publishing it on Amazon when rewritten so it is not yet for sale. I will combine the previous information with a 30 day trek on the North Country Trail through the Allegheny National Forest. Just me, my dog and a backpack. Surviving as much as possible off of the land. Right now I am shooting for mid April. There are many good trout streams along the trail in addition to wild spring greens. Not to mention the northern part of the trail is along the shore of Allegheny Reservoir formed by Kinzua Dam. I will write more on the plans in next couple of months.

For the preparations I have already begun. I have just purchased a 70-100 L expandable backpack and a small tent. And I am walking the woods more each day to get in better shape.

The total distance of the trail inside the National Forest is 97 miles. It could be hiked in several days. I have not decided if I will go the entire length or just find several spots along the way to spend a week or so.

I have had a check-up and hopefully am in good enough shape for the trip. We will see how things work out. I will show the equipment I will be taking in the next few posts.

First day of buck season

I got up early and headed back into the woods. I had a spot all set up with leaves and branches cleared yesterday. I saw two does. At about 10am I decided to go back to the cabin and check on Lily.

While at the cabin I went out on the porch to get some water. I looked into the woods and saw 5 does walking around. I watched for a while when I noticed trucks that passed out on the road slowed or stopped. Then they continued. I figured there must be deer out by the road too. I scanned with my binoculars and sure enough there were several deer. I figured they must all be does since the passing trucks kept on going.

Then I realized that I am in the woods every day. All I wanted today was meat so I could hunt just as easy from the cabin porch. The porch faces back into the woods. Whenever I went inside for lunch I took the curtains down and cleaned the windows so I can look out in the woods.

Right now I am eating lunch and hunting the woods through the front windows.

View through the front window.

Based on the many times I have watched deer through this window I see no reason why I couldn’t spot a deer now. I check the other windows every once in a while but I have seen the most deer in this direction. I left my gun out on the porch. If I spot a deer I’ll head out there to check it out.

Christmas decorations

A great thing about Christmas time is that the decorations can be found just a few feet into the woods.

Ground pine, ferns, berries and moss.

I even added some ground pine to the gate beside the red reflective tape, which is already in the shape of a pine tree.

I’ll pick up a little more decorations with each walk.

Target Shooting and a Late Halloween

My daughter came home to visit but it was November 1st. She still wanted to carve pumpkins. So we spent an afternoon shooting all the guns I have (except those lost in that unfortunate boating accident), and her compound bow. Plus we carved pumpkins and put them at the end of the driveway.

And then it snowed.

I Wood if I Could

Speaking of writing, my Dad, who recently passed away, had written a book back in 1991. So I just finished digitizing it and it is now available on Amazon Kindle.

It’s called I Would If I Could But I’m Wood. It is a fictionalized story of his experiences as an United Methodist Minister as told by a church pew. That’s right. First it is a tree being cut down then made into a pew.

Click the book cover to read a sample.

Coming soon. My Dad’s writings about his childhood growing up in Western Pennsylvania called Ramblings: When I Was A Kid.

Living On The Land