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Fungus among-us

While wandering my land I discovered the combination of moist soil and shady trees is perfect for mushrooms.  I am not very good at identifying mushrooms but there are some I know well.  Here is a Cauliflower Mushroom I found this morning.  It is edible, and some say very good, but it is just too ugly for me to try eating it.


Please ignore the photos of the windows below.  I have found some double pane, single hung new windows at 84 Lumber at a great price.  One 3 by 3, two 3 by 2’s and one 2 by 2 for $55, $47 and $38 respectively.  With the veterans discount I got them all, with screens, for under $200.  Similar single pane windows would have been over $300 elsewhere.  More pictures to come.  I plan on making a greenhouse/hotbed with the old windows.