Camping out

So, you may be asking yourself, “Where does someone who lives in a cabin in the woods go to get away?”. Well, I go further back in the woods and setup a camp.

It’s down by the growing pond, so soon there will be lots of frogs when the tadpoles leave the water. And probably mosquitos.

Saw Mill

So I started using the Alaskan Sawmill. Sorry, no video. I snapped a couple pictures. Worked okay. I’ll use it mainly for small logs. I would have set up for video but the chainsaw wouldn’t start and I had to tear it down so by the time I was cutting I didn’t feel like filming.

For the first cut you are supposed to put a flat board on top. Since I was just checking it out, and the log was pretty straight, I didn’t bother.


After nearly three years I finally put wheels on my generator. Now I can be mobile while working with power tools. Things like grinding old pipes in the woods for construction. When it quits raining (or even snowing) I’ll weld on a handle.

And these 10 inch wheels with bearings were only $5.99 each at Harbor Freight.

Workshop siding

I used some old fence boards to side part of the workshop.  I like the weathered look.

I even used a vinegar, tea and rusted steep wool mixture to make the new boards look old.



Today I got some more set up for my workshop.

First I put down some old outdoor carpet/AstroTurf.

Then I had two shelves which were to high and took up too much floor space.  So I cut them to put the shelves closer together.  Then I stacked them.

Much better.  Lots of shelf space without taking up floor space for large tools and a workbench.  I used some of the cut tubing for the legs to add the top shelving.

The rest I’ll save for future use.

Except for one that Lily go a hold of and chewed up.