Porch deck finally finished

Porch deck finally finished

Porch deck finally finished

The weather held out long enough to finally finish the porch deck.



Next up.  The porch roof.


The Homestead

Now that I know the old shed has tranformed into an insulated, heated cabin that can withstand the winter weather, I can officially call it a homestead.  Lot’s of things to do such as building a greenhouse and preparing to put in a garden.  Maybe even some livestock.  Chickens or rabbits most likely but not cows.  We’ll see.  The goal is turn the place into a self-sufficient homestead.

But this January thaw and heavy rain has brought up another problem.

Lake Pithole

Lake Pithole

Lake Pithole

Lake Pithole

I need to dig a drainage ditch.  With the amount of ground water I may actually start a spring.

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Finishing the porch deck

Finally a break in the weather so I could get the porch deck finished.  Almost.




Home again, home again, diggity dog

I’m back from Chicago.  Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  I’m spending New Years tonight in the cabin.

img_0532 img_0533 img_0534 img_0535

First day of Winter

Cabin all secured for Christmas.

img_0521 img_0522

Imagining the porch deck

This is kind of like what the porch will look like halfway.  Most boards are not attached yet.


Actually only half the framing is done.  But it is solid.

img_0464 img_0465

I’ll be here all week…

What are you looking at.  You never saw horses before?


Allegheny Chair


It even works outside in the Allegheny Wild


Some folks call it an Adirondack Chair but I’m going to call it an Allegheny Chair.  It’s like an Adirondack only more crooked.  It’s not yet finished since I need some shorter screws for the back slats.

img_0437 img_0438

First real snow

You can’t see it very well in the photo but at 11:44am Nov 19 the first real snow of the season started.

img_0425 img_0426

12:05pm and the ground is already covering.


img_0429 img_0430