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The Garden of Eatin’

The Garden is tilled

I wouldn’t count on a very good garden this first year.  The soil is pretty rocky and I couldn’t till very deep.  Plus, even though I pre-sprayed the weeds, the area was covered with Milkweed.  Milkweed is hard to get rid of.  It is already growing back.  I don’t plan on putting a lot of effort into it this year.  If it does grow I may just let the wildlife enjoy it.  By next year I hope to bring in some better top soil.  I am amazed at how many edible wild plants are available all over my land.

Car problems

I had a wreck caused by dehydration causing me to black out. (syncope) I was in a parking lot so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I’ll cover a problem I discovered with too much pine needle tea.  I’ll cover that later.  I have done some repairs so the car is drivable.






Writing online off the grid?

Some of you may wonder how I write and post pictures “off the grid”.  I cheat. I am off the wired grid but I still have cell service and a generator.  Cell service is sporadic and I usually need to go outside to connect.  But for writing I have these.


That is an 8 inch Ellipses tablet and a tiny Bluetooth keyboard.  And behind that is a paper notebook and a couple of pens.  I can also watch downloaded episodes of Grizzly Adams on the tablet.

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The Homestead

Now that I know the old shed has tranformed into an insulated, heated cabin that can withstand the winter weather, I can officially call it a homestead.  Lot’s of things to do such as building a greenhouse and preparing to put in a garden.  Maybe even some livestock.  Chickens or rabbits most likely but not cows.  We’ll see.  The goal is turn the place into a self-sufficient homestead.

But this January thaw and heavy rain has brought up another problem.

Lake Pithole
Lake Pithole
Lake Pithole
Lake Pithole

I need to dig a drainage ditch.  With the amount of ground water I may actually start a spring.