Road-Hunter is another word for Lousy Hunter

There was an old joke that for the American Indians the word Vegetarian was just another word for Lousy Hunter.
Well today so is the word Road-Hunter. Yes, there have always been road hunters. But when I was young (you kids get off my lawn) being a road hunter was a disgrace.
Today it seems it has become the standard operating procedures.
My road normally gets maybe 3 or 4 cars a day.
Today, Saturday, it is archery for deer, small game (rabbits, squirrels, grouse and pheasants) and turkey seasons.
I walked down the road with my dog figuring the woods would be full of hunters and I didn’t want to ruin their hunt.
Instead the hunters in their trucks and cars ruined my walk.
It was a constant stream of vehicles with hunters inside jerking their heads this way and that. Looking for deer I suppose.
They would get a much better shot, and feel better about themselves, if they would go back in the woods. Even just a hundred yards if it scares them to get too far from the road.
I’m a hunter too so I don’t mind others hunting. Just have a little self-respect and get out of your vehicle.

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