The Duck Walker

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No, not a person who walks ducks.
This is a walker, or wheel chair, for a crippled duck.
My daughter got a baby Indian Runner Duck from a local farm supply store. It was crippled with legs that crossed behind it from dislocated knees so it couldn’t stand up or walk. The store was going to just put it down so my daughter took it. (she also took another one eyed pirate duck).
She raised it as best as she could. It is several months old now.
Because it staggers around like Dick Van Dyke in his old show or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang she named it Dick Van Duck.
I am trying to help it support itself.
So I tried making a duck walker out of adjustable t-slot bars and canvas.

I made it adjustable with plans to make a lighter version if I find the right size. It works to hold the duck up off the ground somewhat comfortably, but we haven’t found the right position for it to stand.
It can stand for short periods but then it’s right foot collapses back. She took it to a couple vets but they said only surgery could be tried but it wouldn’t work anyway.
But my daughter doesn’t give up.

I tried leg straps to hold the feet forward and apart. Since it is an Indian Runner Duck they stand straight up, like a penguin. (see example to the right) So the legs already normally go back but the body is more upright. The straps don’t work well because the duck jumps around.

So my next plan is to make a foam rubber block carved to fit the ducks chest that can be strapped to it and keep the legs apart like they should be.

I’ll update how it goes.

If anyone has any other ideas, email me at hermit<at> (disguised to avoid email scanning bots).