A Bit More freedom

After going to my old gun store and finding out they required that I put cloth on my face (a big disgrace) I went to Wagner Gun Tech.


It had many people walking around smiling and happy with no masks. Talking to each other directly. Meeting new people without fear. It was like the end of Logans Run when the dome city is destroyed and all the people wander out free.

Actually FREE.

Yes the tyranny of the governor still exists, and many sad people are following the idiotic mask mandate like sheep to slaughter. And it is doing much more harm than the virus. Young kids are growing up thinking hiding behind a mask is normal. Older kids and adults are depressed and suicidal. The damage being done, solely for political purposes, is horrendous. The Democrats are willing to destroy the economy, peoples lives, childrens future, and the entire country, to get power.

I have always noticed how miserable leftists are and can understand why such miserable people willingly turn all thinking and decisions over to the government and the media. The leftists do the same thing needing a union rep to speak for them because they are too pathetic to speak for themselves. Most of them don’t even know how pathetic they are. They live in their bubble where their press hides the truth from them. What a shame. Just a little questioning on their part and they could break free. Just open their eyes and minds a little. But they have given up their minds to let others think for them.

But in that one store I saw people enjoying life. Knowing that everything in life has risks and you can’t live in a plastic bubble. Smile, enjoy life, enjoy liberty.

Five times I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. That oath had no expiration date. It disgusts me to see governors, supported by crooked bureaucrats, teachers, celebrities and the press, trampling on it’s most basic premises. Unless you are in the crooked politicians chosen groups who are allowed to burn, riot and destroy. Which also violates the Constitutions equal protection under the law. The fact that people willingly give up their liberties so easily is a bad omen for the future of a country based on liberty. But of course destroying that type of country for a totalitarian socialist one is the Democrats whole plan. (Or Democratic Socialists, a name they pretend is somehow better. They are completely unaware that nearly all communist/socialist countries attach democratic to their name. Communist East Germany – Deutchland Democratic Republic, North Korea – Peoples Democratic Republic of NK, Communist Congo – Democratic Republic of Congo, and so on. They all have elections. But you can only vote for who the government tells you to. They don’t know much about history. Or the current world.)

We’ve taken care of everything
The words you read, the songs you sing
The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
It’s one for all and all for one
We work together, common sons
Never need to wonder how or why

Rush 2112