September 13, 2020

This morning I woke thinking the sun had not yet risen. It was dark but with the glow of dawn. I checked the time. 7:30. The sun had been up for a while but the dark clouds made it look like twilight. In a few minutes the sky let loose. It then rained steady for 4 hours.

Around noon I decided to drive to the house in Titusville. I needed to measure the bathroom for remodeling and set off bug bombs to clear the areas I need to be crawling next week while working there.

I picked up the mail and left the trash.

Came back through Miller Farm in Oil Creek State Park. I let Lily run around the hiking trail. Many massive trees had recently blown over. It must have been the huge wind storm we had several weeks ago. None of the trees had broken. They all pulled up by the roots.

Back at the cabin I opened all the windows and set a fan going. I had also set off a bug bomb there before leaving. While the cabin aired out I took Lily for a walk.

I finished ordering what I need to remodel the house bathroom from Home Depot. I’ll pick it up curbside tomorrow.

My daughter is returning at the end of October to avoid the violence in Chicago the democrats are sure to step up after the election. Regardless of the results. The democrat party has supported this monster they let out, and the media has done a great job of covering it up and lying about it. They are about to find out there’s no putting the monster back in the cage.