A New Member of the Pack

But first, today is the fourth anniversary of the previous pack member’s death.  Frisbee never got to see the Pithole Homestead.  She was a good dog.  In her memory.

Frisbee 1999-2013
Frisbee catching treats at Christmas

Now, Introducing a new member to the Pithole Pack.


She is from the Venango County Humane Society.  They say she is 1 year old and named Lily.  I have considered changing her name but she already knows it.  Also when I say Lily real fast a bunch of times, like yodeling, she gets excited.  She’s a Labrador Retriever mix, just as Frisbee was.

Here’s a few videos

Silly Lily and the Woods

Silly Lily and the Woods Chapter 2

Silly Lily and the Mirror

Silly Lily and the Mirror Chapter 2

Silly Lily and the Rope


I finally got a small solar panel.

I have just hooked it up temporarily.  I will mount everything permanent after I test for a while.

The cord is run through the windows…

To the controller and the battery…

And on to my voltage adapters and equipment.

So far it is working great.  It even charges the battery a bit more than the ac charger at the house.

Wash day

Here’s how I stay clean at the homestead.

First the shower.

I still use the solar camp shower.  Just fill the bag with water, lay it black side up in the sun for a couple hours, hang it up and voila.  A hot shower.  By the end of the summer I hope to have water run from the well to inside the cabin.

For laundry I just use a wash basin and hang the clothes to dry.

For all washing, shower, clothes and dishes, I use original biodegradable Ivory soap.  It’s 99 44/100% pure.  What the other 56/100% is I don’t know.

Window Dressing

  • Today I did a little dressing up of the inside window frames on the cabin. This is what they looked like unfinished.

Although they were framed and didn’t leak they weren’t very pretty. So I made use of the 1 x 4s I had left from when I took the shelving out of the original shed. A little measuring, cutting, routing and painting and this is the result.

Much nicer.