Vehicles. It’s always something

While I had the Jeep up replacing the ball joints I noticed the rear differential leaking very fast.  The differential cover was rusted through.  So today I replaced it.  The new one is shiny but won’t stay that way long.

Here’s the old one.  The leak was on the top right of the picture.  The hardest part was removing the old rusted and crumbling bolts.

Don’t be a pig

Almost every day I pick up trash along the road near my cabin.  Not just on my property but any where I walk.  Too many people are pigs!

Here’s one days collection.  Not all new.

So I have made a sign.  Now I just need to get it printed.

Somebody is obviously regularly sitting in their car in one spot drinking Bush and Michelob Ultra and tossing out the empties.  I pick them up and soon there are more.  Since my cabin can’t be seen from the road I guess they feel safe to be pigs.

Work on the Jeep

A little warmer weather and sunshine means I have the chance to work on the Jeep.  Ball joints aren’t easy to replace.

Also a rotor and some welding.


April Fools Garden

So I’m starting my garden a little later than I planned.  But winter is holding on pretty long this year. I purchased non-hybrid seeds so I can get more seeds for next year.  If they grow.  Today I started some of the plants indoors.


There have been many times on the homestead when I would like to have been able to fabricate metal items.  There is a lot of old metal pipes, rods and plates in the woods from old oil wells.

Well, I can now do it.

I picked up a very low cost flux welder at Harbor Freight.

I have not welded before.  I have done a lot of soldering, including micro-miniature electronics and copper plumbing.  Welding is similar but much more . . . dangerous, I guess.  My first attempts were not great, but as I practiced I started to get the hang of it.

I can’t do very large projects but I think I can get done what I need to do.  I’ll start with a little work on the Jeep.

Next up.  I’d like to try some gas welding and cutting.

Rainbow Sun Dogs

I looked up earlier and saw a strange rainbow light in the sky.

Then I looked at the other side of the sun.

They are sun dogs.

I’ve never seen rainbow sun dogs before.

Still here

Yes. I’m still here. Just taking a break during the winter. Not much to say. Cut firewood. Build a fire. Cook meals. Read. And write.

Things will pick up real fast, real soon.

Living On The Land