Moving in

The time has come to make the big move.  I’ve been splitting about half the time at the house and half at the cabin.  Time to make the cabin home.  Things are set up enough at the cabin, in many ways better than the house.  For now I’ll only go back to the house to get the mail and mow the lawn.  Soon I’ll sell the house completely and stay out of town.


There is still a little snow on the ground and it drops below freezing at night, but it sure feels like spring. 44 outside now.

The outhouse survived winter.

So did the solar panel. I’ll be connecting the other panel soon for extra summer power.

And Lily is finding all kinds of things under the snow.

And I put up my Pithole Hermit sign.

Now both panels are chugging out current.


The Pithole Homestead is not just a place of freedom for me from the hustle and bustle of civilization and it’s many rules and regulations, it is also a place for Lily to be free to run without a leash and enjoy the forest. Up until now I have been hesitant to let her loose. Well today is freedom day and she is doing very well. I am carrying hotdog pieces to encourage and praise her. It seems to be working. The video below is just around the homestead. Earlier we walked all around the Pithole Ghost Town for an hour and she ran like a greyhound, but still listened when I called. But I forgot to film it. Maybe we’ll go back soon and get it on camera.



Preparations for Spring

It’s not even the end of January, but it’s not to early to plan and prepare for Spring projects.  I’ll leave this as an open post where I will list my ideas as they come to me.

The first things I am already working on.  Carvings and statues to decorate the trees entering the homestead.  Something similar to these items, only hand made.


Upgraded Heat

In order to be able to heat up the cabin quickly, or if I’m too lazy to build a fire I got a Mr Heater Big Buddy and a 20 pound propane tank. Heats quick and shuts off immediately if I need to leave. To help keep the heat in iI put a tarp across the ceiling until I get panels. Made a world of difference.

A New Member of the Pack

But first, today is the fourth anniversary of the previous pack member’s death.  Frisbee never got to see the Pithole Homestead.  She was a good dog.  In her memory.

Frisbee 1999-2013
Frisbee catching treats at Christmas

Now, Introducing a new member to the Pithole Pack.


She is from the Venango County Humane Society.  They say she is 1 year old and named Lily.  I have considered changing her name but she already knows it.  Also when I say Lily real fast a bunch of times, like yodeling, she gets excited.  She’s a Labrador Retriever mix, just as Frisbee was.

Here’s a few videos

Silly Lily and the Woods

Silly Lily and the Woods Chapter 2

Silly Lily and the Mirror

Silly Lily and the Mirror Chapter 2

Silly Lily and the Rope