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Where’s the Survival and Living Off The Land Information?

I’ll tell you where it is. It’s in my head. And in the heads of others who kept their eyes open and planned ahead.

There is no use in trying to learn now. If you don’t already know how to survive it is too late. The final steps are already in motion.

It has been building up for a long time.

Then the whole covid response was just a practice salvo. First to get rid of Trump, who threatened to expose all their plans.
But they also wanted to see if they could manipulate people to turn on their neighbors and strangers in stores. The whole masking fraud was a great success. The propaganda machines did such a wonderful job of sending people into a panic over a disease with well over 99.5% survival. They lied to people and got them to say things like “if you don’t mask up you want to kill grandma” or “if you don’t get the experimental jab you want to kill grandma”. Yes, there is an easily identifiable risk group, including some grandmas. And those are the ones who should have been protected. Not by locking up and putting useless masks on the healthy. And not only was the mask useless, now they are finally admitting the jabs are useless in spreading it. The “fully vaccinated” can not only get covid but can spread it. So all these idiots who think they are so smart are out spreading the disease to the very at risk people they claimed to care about.

And these are the same people attacking family, neighbors and strangers for not wearing useless masks. The East German Stasi would be proud of our corporate governments ability to turn everybody into snitches. Many even actually called the police on “wrong thinkers”.

So, to follow-up on the success of the covid response experiment they have now turned to those who didn’t buy into the covid BS.

After over 8 years a terrible corrupt Ukraine government supporting the terrorizing and slaughter of ethnic Russians in the Donbas region by self-described Nazi militias, the Russians finally took action to protect their relatives but also to stop the extremist NATO expansionism after Ukraine (pushed by the US who runs the puppet Zelinsky) backed out on it’s agreement to remain neutral. The propaganda machines turned toward the “conservative” war lovers and got them to praise a country whose government was put in place by the CIA and was the number one money laundering point for the Bidens, Romneys, Pelosis’ and every other corrupt US official. They did it easily by claiming that if you don’t love the corrupt Ukrainians (who helped set up the fake impeachment of Trump over a phone call) then you have to love Putin.

That’s like someone saying during WW2 that if you don’t love Stalin you must love Hitler. Thinking people can see they are both trash.

So now they have found a way to get a majority to voluntarily destroy their lives, their finances, and the entire world economy.

And on the side they are shutting down all means off American self-reliance.

Shutting down energy independence ,
Shutting down the supply chain.
Shutting down fertilizer supplies.
Destroying the value of the dollar with inflation caused by insane printing of money to send to countries we have no business sticking our noses into.
Now they are culling millions of chickens and claiming it is because or avian flu. They are using the same PCR test for avian flu that they used to come up with huge overstatements of covid cases. PCR only show the presence of a virus. Not what specific virus. But based on this faulty test if one chicken tests positive they a killing millions. Supposedly to keep millions from dying. They think we are stupid. And a large part of the country is proving them right.

And the group of unelected manipulators meeting in Davos (or is it Thanos?) no longer even try to hide their plan. They state outright that they want to immensely reduce the population.
And their way is by disease (man-made) and the now orchestrated starvation.

And most people are distracted by the “bread and circuses” provided to keep them fat, dumb and happy.

So, I am black-pilled. I no longer care to try to teach people how to survive the coming orchestrated collapse. Most of them are not going to survive. So why should I teach others how to find food when everything collapses.

I am taking care of my own.

As the great philosopher Pete Townsend said:
“I’ll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive”

“We’ll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgment of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song”