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April Fools Garden

So I’m starting my garden a little later than I planned.  But winter is holding on pretty long this year. I purchased non-hybrid seeds so I can get more seeds for next year.  If they grow.  Today I started some of the plants indoors.


There have been many times on the homestead when I would like to have been able to fabricate metal items.  There is a lot of old metal pipes, rods and plates in the woods from old oil wells.

Well, I can now do it.

I picked up a very low cost flux welder at Harbor Freight.

I have not welded before.  I have done a lot of soldering, including micro-miniature electronics and copper plumbing.  Welding is similar but much more . . . dangerous, I guess.  My first attempts were not great, but as I practiced I started to get the hang of it.

I can’t do very large projects but I think I can get done what I need to do.  I’ll start with a little work on the Jeep.

Next up.  I’d like to try some gas welding and cutting.

The Chainsaw Sawmill

  1. I started with these two poles.

First I designed it.

Then I cut them to length.

Then I drilled the holes and bolted it together.

I still need one more crossbar and a handle for control.  Plus spacers to keep the blade from hitting.  But here it is with the electric chainsaw attached.

Not as fancy as this $140 one, but mine only cost $10 in nuts and bolts.

The Tarp Shed is Nearly Done – updated

I ran out of long boards for the roof, but the rest of the frame is pretty good.  Right now there are poles holding the roofs center up.  When I’m done the roof will have trusses so the entire inside will be clear of supports.  I need to make door flaps on each end.  Should be a nice work area and tool storage.  I also need more duct tape to strengthen the sharp corners.

And seeing it nearly completed makes me think of covering it with clear plastic and also use it as a greenhouse.  But I think it might be too shady.

UPDATE:  It is finished except the door flaps.


I have planned and started a couple projects.  First is the tarp shed mentioned earlier.  The first timbers are in place.

Next, I am going to make a portable chainsaw sawmill.  Something like this.

Only with my own plan using just these two shelf posts and some bolts.

A Tarp Shed

There are some things I don’t want to keep in the the cabin.  But many of these things are better not being left outside.  My solution?  A tarp shed.  I am building an about 10ft by 8ft shed on the deck.  I am mostly building it from poles harvested on my land.  When the frame is finished I will cover it with a 16 by 20 tarp I already have.  The shed will hold my storage bin, things like lawn chairs and shelves for other item.  There should still be room to have a small workshop for my various projects.