About the author

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This website is the ramblings of Edward Clark, Jr. aka The Pithole Hermit.  Ed is from outside Oil City, Pa.  After graduating from Rocky Grove High School he joined the Coast Guard.  After a career in the USCG and dual degrees in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Penn State he returned to the area, operating a computer service company in Titusville called PennSmart.  But his heart was always in the forest.  In 2016 he purchased 3 acres of land near Pithole and commenced developing the Pithole Homestead, an off the grid camp.  He still has his house in Titusville but lives permanently in the cabin.  He is not permanently residing there yet and the cabin is basically a fancy shed that was there when the land was purchased.   When he decides to sell his house in Titusville he will take care of residence requirements, but for now it is just a woodland getaway.

Along with working on his homestead Ed also writes and does training on wild edible plants and wilderness survival along with writing fiction stories.

If you want to contact Ed with questions or to just share your own stories, or want to visit, email edward@alleghenywild.com.

Since this is basically a personal journal and a hermit is not interested in socializing, comments are not turned on.  If you have a comment please email.  You also won’t find any corresponding Facebook or Twitter accounts.  Social media is a social disease.

Living On The Land