Starting Plants Off-Grid

I am in the process of preparing my garden.
This procedure will not be very primitive. This is for my food, not as a demonstration of primitive living.
If I were doing this primitive I would not be using store bought items. And the seeds would be started using only sun light through my window. But since I needed to do this anyway I decision to document it.
There is still snow on the ground so I am starting my plants inside my camper.
The camper is much easier to use than my cabin because it has much more sun exposure and a table already next to the largest window.
And I can easily connects to the solar batteries to run the grow light.
So I started by setting out my flat and filling with potting soil.

Next I decided to build a grow light system that can run off of my batteries instead of using a 119vac inverter.
So I used several 5 volt LED grow light strips and mounted them on a board covered with foil.

The LED strips have usb connectors and a 4, 8 or 12 hour timer. These strips are very inexpensive. Like 5 bucks each. And use very low power.

You can’t tell from the photo but they are very bright and the LEDs are made from a set of frequencies best for starting plants.

I’ll mount the light board over the table once I have the seeds planted.

Now a little about the seeds.
I have many seeds. Some are store bought.
It is important to get “heirloom” seeds if you plan on saving seeds from your vegetable to plant again next year. Most hybrid plants do not produce viable seeds. Hybrids are good for one time planting and usually have many other advantages over heirloom. Such as faster growth, higher germination rates, and disease resistance. Hybrid and GMO are not the same thing. GMO could be hybrid or they could also produce seeds. Read the packages.

Some are “survival” seeds in sealed packages to keep for years.

Many of the seeds I use are save year after year. In fact here are assorted seeds I inherited from my father. He passed away several years ago and I am still using his seeds and the little containers he used to save them in.

So now that I have shown the various seeds let’s cover how to plant them. Or how to prepare to plant them.
Some seeds germinte much better if they are soaked in lukewarm water overnight. This gives them the signal to start growing. But the amount of time for soaking is different for different types of seeds. And you have to be careful not to soak too long or the seeds will get moldy and go bad.